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Bespoke Digital Solutions

We deliver bespoke software solutions to help drive business transformation and differentiate you from your competitors. Using our enterprise delivery platform and proven hybrid delivery methodology we are confident we can deliver the quality you need, on time and on budget.

GDPR Solution

We have built our GDPR platform to help organisations understand and manage their GDPR compliance obligations. Our certified GDPR staff have used their expertise to not only deliver adherence to the strict GDPR rules but also present it in a clear and easy to use interface.

What makes our platform special?

Application Architecture Patterns

Our core transactional patterns are used as the foundation for all our software solutions. The platform is built according to this set of enterprise architectural principles that incorporate industry best practices. This saves many hours in the design phase of a project, which ensures the base of your application is reliable and secure.

Enterprise Architectural Components

Our platform is constructed using a number of architectural components to significantly reduce the software delivery timeline.

Rapid Prototyping Framework

Used in the early phases of a delivery to develop functional prototypes that allow business users to visualise user journeys.


Radiate Presentation Framework

A reusable library of presentation components that follow user interface and user experience models, allowing seamless navigation and presentation across all devices - from desktop to mobile.

Automated Testing Framework

Built from the ground up using Selenium Web Driver our automated regression testing saves thousands of hours and uses an architectural pattern to promote easy maintenance.

Our GDPR Solution

Using our platform, we've made it easier and cheaper for you to meet the General Data Protection Regulation requirements.

Privacy Notice Manager

Our Privacy Notice Manager (PNM) helps your organisation to create, edit and publish GDPR privacy notices from one central location, avoiding incorrect or out of date legislative content.

SARs Manager

Your organisation may soon receive a Service Access Request (SAR). You need a way to easily manage and react to these within the deadlines to avoid penalties and fines. Our application helps you with this.

Consent Manager

All users must give consent for their data to be stored or processed. Tracking and acquiring consent (especially retroactively) to meet requirements can be awkward, so we provide a facility to help handle this.

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